Staff members from a wide variety of areas from the partner institutions have participated in the scheme.  Some of these areas are:

Library services

IT helpdesks

Web design

HR & Learning and Development

International Student areas

Faculty/School administration

Facilities and Estate

Career Guidance


Legal and compliance


Student Records

Research administrators


Reception areas

Other areas are available to visit.



Typical activities that staff members shadow are:

  • Meetings
  • Student interactions
  • Corporate induction
  • University events
  • Processes and procedures in practice

Quotes from different people who have participated in the scheme:

“Taking part in the Outside Insight scheme was such a worthwhile experience! It was really interesting to see how things are done in a different university, and has helped me extend my network beyond Greenwich. I now draw on this outside perspective in the work that I carry out, and would certainly recommend others take part in the scheme.”


Charlie Allen, Learning and Talent Development Consultant, University of Greenwich

"I found it very insightful and useful to see how Imperial did things. They were all lovely and we are taking on board a few of the things they do"


Sam Mirza, Alumni Advancement Officer

“I would really recommend taking part in Outside Insight because meeting other people who work in your field in Higher Education can really help reinforce what you are doing, help share best practice, discuss current problems and issues as well as pick up new ideas. It is also a good opportunity to widen your professional network”


Ruth Buckingham

University of London

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