• What do you want to get out of the experience?
  • What are your overall aims and objectives for wishing to undertake this visit? For example: specific knowledge, skills and experience
  • Are there any specific aspects of the role that you are especially interested in finding out about?
  • Do you have any particular questions that you want to find the answers to?
  • How will the work shadowing experience fit with your development needs generally?
  • How will you use the information you have learnt in your own work?
  • What would be the ideal timing and duration of your visit?

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Download a copy of the application form


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Download a copy of the programme outline


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Preparation for this will include:


  • Deciding on how the objectives of the visit will be met
  • Agreeing on confidentiality
  • Deciding on the length of the visit and dates
  • Agreeing programme content and boundaries (includes what work is able to be observed, what documents and information can be shared, which parts of the building can be accessed by the person doing the shadowing and who they can interact with as part of the visit, what they can and cannot expect from the arrangement etc)
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