If the answer to these questions is YES then the Outside Insight work shadowing scheme could be for you.

Outside Insight is a London Inter-institution work shadowing scheme that gives you the opportunity to engage with practical career and professional development in a way that allows you to have a wider appreciation, share and bring back knowledge, of work practices from other institutions.


Benefits of participating in the scheme include:


  • refreshed perspective and greater insight into other roles, departments, ways of working and institutions,
  • cost effective career and professional development,
  • staff can take ownership of their own development,
  • both parties (person doing the shadowing and the person being shadowed) and their institutions benefit from sharing knowledge and good practice,
  • staff have the opportunity to reflect on their own work practices and possibly highlight areas for change,
  • enhances career progression – spending time with a manager at next level up (for example) will give a deeper understanding of the skills, knowledge and experience required for that role,
  • allows staff to compare leadership styles, procedures and systems, organisational structure and raise awareness of what is working well and what could work better.


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